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Erik Salmon


My name is Erik Salmon and I could not be more thrilled to welcome you to my personal website, a rich resource of information that reflects my passion, interests, and aspirations.

As you journey through these virtual pages, you will discover a treasure trove of insights and inspiration that I have gathered along the way.

This platform represents an opportunity for me to share my life's work and ideas with a global audience - to impact, influence, and inspire others. Here you will find my philosophy on life, my skills, and my vision for the future.

From my creative endeavors to my intellectual pursuits, from my personal experiences to my professional achievements, you will be offered a glimpse into the intricate intricacies of my unique perspective.

So, make yourself comfortable and get ready to discover the world through my eyes. I am honored that you have chosen to take this journey with me.


Business Coaching / Consulting

Over my career, I have coached and consulted with many start-up companies specializing in business crdit. 

IT & Cyber Security

Currently, I am in a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance.

Life Coaching

Whether in business or not, your personal life is a part of everything you do. 


The dedication that Erik shows me his client, says he is a true professional. He worked diligently with me to ensure that all my needs – both personal and professional – are being met in a smooth, efficient manner. I would recommend Erik and his services.

Asmin Won

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